March 19 is our Day of Giving. A day to celebrate Pope Francis Prep, our students, our educators, our legacy, and the entire PFPS community.


Giving Day is all about impact. It is a day where we recognize the impact we as a school have on the lives of all of our students as we seek to fulfill our mission of challenging our students to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically and to become critical thinkers and faith-based leaders who embody justice, peace, service, and mercy in the global community.


It is a day where we also recognize the impact of our alumni, families, and friends who have so generously supported the growth of our school.


On March 19, you can make your impact. Please consider making a gift to the Cardinal Fund.

All gifts matter, regardless the size. Without YOU and your generosity, we could not provide the important resources needed to deliver a transformational education to our students. Thank you!



Giving Day Ambassadors

What is a PFPS Giving Day Ambassador? 

Becoming a Giving Day Ambassador is a fun way to spread Cardinal pride among your friends and family! Ambassadors help spread the word and inspire support by reaching out to friends and family via social media. 


Please contact Daniel Fenton at if you are interested in becoming an ambassador.

Thank you! 

Day of Giving Donors 2021!

Names of donors will be added throughout the day on March 19th! Thank you for your support!