Dedicated Support.


Students are provided individualized guidance and support throughout their four years at Pope Francis Prep, designed to facilitate student achievement and guide a student’s social and emotional development. Student support is always available through highly-available faculty, attentive counselors, and caring administration. Our guidance office staff is committed to supporting each student by meeting regularly throughout the academic year. In addition to being assigned a dedicated guidance counselor, who is available to provide both academic and emotional support, students meet with the college counselor: beginning as early as freshman year. The college counselor works with students and their families throughout the college search process offering college research assistance, navigating the college application process including essay writing, completing financial aid paperwork, and meeting deadlines throughout the enrollment process. 


Preparing Students.


The college search process at Pope Francis Preparatory School is more than internet searches and tracking deadlines. Our Developmental Guidance curriculum is designed exclusively to assist a student with finding success in selecting the best fit for college. 


We believe in a collaborative approach with our college counselor, the student, and their families. It is highly personalized, purposeful, and supportive. 


Students meet to discuss goals, values, and interests. Those meetings are augmented with visits from college admissions representatives and workshops for the student and their families. It’s all designed to bring a student’s goals into view and we take pride in the range and caliber of colleges that our students attend. Throughout the four years at Pope Francis Prep, we remain committed to providing high quality, caring support to our students and their families as they navigate the college search process. 



DISCOVER – Freshman Year

Laying the foundation for Success.

The college counselor and guidance staff work with freshmen to determine appropriate courses to meet their goals. 

With guidance from the counseling staff, Naviance software supports students through career exploration and introduces them to the wide range of college options. Students are encouraged to become involved in activities they are passionate about and to take risks that may stretch themselves academically and co-curricularly.

EXPLORE – Sophomore Year

Identifying Your Goals and Resources.

Sophomore year students build on the career exploration foundation begun in the freshman year. Students are reminded of dates and locations for regional college fairs where admission representatives from schools across the country are all gathered in one place. Students are encouraged to attend these fairs as the perfect place to kick off their college search. Our college counselor is then able to support the student in learning more about those colleges that are of interest.  Also sophomore year, students typically will take the PSAT and are then guided in linking their College Board account to Khan Academy to facilitate personalized free online test preparation.


SELECT – Junior Year

Defining Your Future.

As we educate students about the college admission process, we strive to foster self-awareness and independent thinking about their future, helping them find the right place to continue their education. We encourage students to celebrate their individuality and ways to showcase that to the colleges they’re considering. During this process all students develop a resume of activities with guidance from the counseling staff. They begin to meet individually with the college counselor to develop a list of colleges that meet their desired criteria. They are given instruction on how to maximize college visits and learn interview strategies. Each year a panel of college representatives provide tips on how to have a stress free and productive college search.


ACHIEVE – Senior Year

Making It Happen!

By the fall of their senior year, students are ready to highlight their strengths, talents, and interests throughout the college application process. Seniors meet often with the college counselor who along with the senior English teacher will guide them in preparing their college essay. The college counselor also reviews all applications prior to submission as well as any supplemental essays. The college counselor provides guidance in the financial aid process, and is there every step of the way helping each student meet deadlines and be successful in confirming a plan for their future.