Spiritual Life

Faith. Prayer. Service.


We live in a complex world where the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith can provide deep insight into the questions and challenges of our time. Students are often searching for answers to their emerging questions and the realities of life. Catholic schools are learning communities where students can grapple with questions related to the world, and their identity within it while remaining firmly grounded in their relationship with God.


Faith is at the heart of a Catholic education and an integral part of life at Pope Francis Preparatory School. We welcome all students, regardless of religious affiliation, to experience the beauty and richness of a Catholic education. We believe that religious and cultural diversity ultimately enriches the entire educational experience.


Catholic and non-Catholic parents value the academic excellence of a Pope Francis Preparatory School education and the respect shown in our school for beliefs, values and a higher sense of purpose.  Obtaining an education instilled with Catholic, faith-based references can serve to enrich a family’s perspective and discussions. Learning about world religions, growing spiritually, and having the opportunity to examine faith from a safe vantage point, offers our students a deeper understanding of our global world.


As a Catholic school, Pope Francis Prep provides an education built on the pillars of faith, prayer and service to others, ensuring our graduates enter the adult world as intelligent thinkers, enriched in the Magisterium and fully ready to become strong, moral leaders of tomorrow.

Confirmation Classes at PFPS

The celebration and reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation marks the completion of the Sacraments of Initiation and is a sign of Christian, spiritual maturity. In the Diocese of Springfield, Confirmation is received at the 9th grade level. Pope Francis Preparatory School is happy to offer Confirmation preparatory classes for our Catholic students. Confirmation classes are not required and students may opt to be a part of their parish’s CCD classes. While Confirmation is received in 9th grade, classes are open to all students and grade levels. Our Chaplain, Fr. Jon Reardon, offers 4 classes in addition to the students’ regular theology courses. Topics include: What the Church believes, Who is Jesus Christ, the nature of the Catholic Church, the Sacrament of Confirmation: its meaning and purpose, the Eucharist, and Living the Catholic Faith well. It is important to note that while preparation takes place in school, students are to receive the sacrament in their own home parish.


Confirmation Forms and Requirements:

Confirmation Information

Confirmation Registration Form

Confirmation Sponsorship Information




Please contact Fr. Jon at frjon@popefrancisprep.org if you have any questions. 


The development of a spiritual life is central to the culture of Pope Francis Preparatory School. Prayer opens and closes every school day and begins every class, meeting, assembly, event, and athletic competition.


At least once a month, the entire school comes together for community prayer. This may include Mass, a paraliturgical service, living Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, or other forms of worship. During Advent and Lent, there are daily prayer services in the chapel, and the entire student body has the opportunity to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

Religious Studies

Every Pope Francis Preparatory School student is required to take a religious studies class each semester. Prayer is an integral part of these classes. Students learn the value of prayer in their lives through the practice of Lectio Divina, meditation, contemplation, music, writing, traditional prayers and service. The goal of the Religious Studies department is to challenge each individual to grow in their personal relationship with God, while learning about faith, the Church, and the world in which we live.

Campus Chaplain

Students at Pope Francis Prep also experience the benefit of having Fr. Jon, campus chaplain, supporting our learning community. Working in collaboration with our Director of Campus Ministry, the Fr. Jon provides every club, activity, and sports team with a special blessing service throughout the academic year.


In addition, his presence serves to support the faith formation throughout every facet of the school such as assisting religion classes seeking to organize and practice a class Mass in the Saint Joseph Chapel.  Weekly, Fr. Jon says Mass prior to the start of the school day and hear confessions for students, faculty, and staff. At Pope Francis Prep, we are blessed to have a campus Chaplain providing an immense opportunity for students to grow in their faith and service to others.

Community Service

Our Community Service program seeks to encourage students to put their Catholic faith into action and be spiritually transformed through their service to those in need within their own communities. Students have much flexibility in the choice of their assignments and they are encouraged to find a service activity in which they are passionate. Generally, students will find such opportunities in their parishes, nursing homes, hospitals, food pantries, and soup kitchens. The possibilities for meaningful service are endless!


All students are required 25 hours of community service.


Click here for 2023-2024 Service Locations


All students use an online volunteer tracking site to keep careful track of their service hours.  At least half of their theology service hours will be spent off-campus and will support one or more of the 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching.


Completion of all service hours is a graduation requirement.