Academic Excellence by Design.


Our faculty proudly provide a model of principled thinking and dynamic engagement, with 100% holding a bachelor’s degree and certification by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for secondary education in their discipline. Furthermore, two-thirds hold advanced degrees.  Not only are our faculty certified and competent, they are passionate – with many serving as advisors, coaches, and co-curricular activity leaders.


With Pope Francis Prep’s contemporary instruction, cross-disciplinary learning, faith formation, and diverse service opportunities outside of the classroom, students will find a learning community that is focused on preparing them to learn with passion, lead with heart, and achieve in a world yet to be imagined! 



The English Department strives to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the English language and its literature and to develop reflective, critical, and creative thinkers through reading, writing, speaking and listening. Further study is given to grammar, mechanics, and vocabulary for the effective communication of ideas, oral and written.  College preparedness is strengthened in the department’s portfolio and research paper requirements.


English as a Second Language (ELL)

The objective of the ELL program is to provide English language learners with English language instruction and support that will enable them to be successful in mainstream English and content classes. ELL course material is presented at a challenging but comprehensible language level that increases as the student’s English skill improves. ELL level will be determined by a placement test.


The Mathematics Department strives to develop each student’s ability to think analytically, quantitatively, logically, and critically and to equip each student with the information necessary to meet the challenges of today’s society. Our curriculum is designed to expand, challenge, and motivate each student. We work to help all students view mathematics as a necessary tool for survival in a rapidly changing world and to prepare them for productive and successful service in society.  Ninth grade placement is determined by the 8th-grade recommendation process. Placement in grades 10- 12 is based on prerequisite content knowledge as determined by previous performance in courses, or, in the case of students new to the school, a placement test. 


Religious Studies

In keeping with the charism of Pope Francis and the mission of our school, the primary focus of the Religious Studies Department is to encourage and challenge each student to grow in their personal relationship with God, while learning about faith, the Church, and the world in which we live. This department plays a critical role in our identity as a “Catholic” school and in modeling the ideals of Jesus.  Intellectually, the student will be engaged in the academic study of theology, the Bible, the teachings of Christ, Church history and tradition, the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, and the fundamentals of world religions. Spiritually, students will be encouraged to develop a relationship with God, share their faith with others, and foster a sense of the sacred in their lives. Each of the required four years of religious studies will expose students to various styles of Christian prayer with the goal of developing an active prayer life and the ability to lead others in prayer. Socially, students will examine their relationships with others and be encouraged to build healthy communities in the school and in the world in accordance with the ideals and values of Christian morality and justice. Each year, students will express this dimension of faith through community service.  


Pope Francis Preparatory School requires a minimum of three full-year laboratory courses in science, with the intention of producing scientifically literate individuals who are able to make informed choices. For students with both high ability and motivation, and who may have a desire to pursue a career in science, there is available an honors-AP science option. Students taking a fourth year of science may choose from a variety of courses.  A lab component is incorporated into each of the science courses and emphasizes exploratory and investigative methodologies with a focus on lab procedures, techniques and communication skills.

Social Studies

The Social Studies program at Pope Francis Preparatory School represents a diverse and comprehensive course of study that allows endless possibilities to explore the people, places, and ideas that have and continue to shape our changing world. Through the use of historical documents and sources, students will learn to acquire, organize, analyze, and interpret information that can be applied to past and present challenges. These skills will be reinforced through presentations, both individual and group, field trips, current technology and in collaboration with community speakers and program opportunities.


The Technology Department offers elective courses designed to enhance students’ learning potential within other academic disciplines as well as an avenue for exploration of interests and passions. Many of the courses within the discipline serve to help a student recognize an aptitude for the material and desire to continue their studies or future employment in these areas. Overall, the department strives to educate the whole student to succeed in the technologically immersed society that exists today.

Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Department creates a passionate and rigorous studio art curriculum that fosters individual expression as well as technical skills. Students explore the elements and principles of art with exciting and challenging projects that are designed to develop problem-solving techniques while building a strong foundation in visual communication. Students explore many different mediums and artistic approaches while studying various art movements and past and contemporary artists. Observational drawing is emphasized and woven throughout the curriculum to enhance visual training. Independent art studies are offered to students who have completed advanced art and want to focus on portfolio building for an application to art schools. Students are encouraged to participate in art competitions, art shows, portfolio days and attend art galleries and museums. a variety of field trips are offered and have included The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Smith College 
Museum of Art, Mt. Holyoke Museum of Art, and MASS MoCA. Additionally, courses in theater, acting and chorus are offered to encourage students to grow and evolve as performing artists with an emphasis on expression, creativity, and performance.

Wellness and Fitness

Wellness and fitness is a study of the whole person, which includes the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Through this study, students learn to deal with the body development and function, limitations, and stress. This study also instills a care for the body. Pope Francis Prep also hopes that students will learn a greater appreciation for the benefits of sports and of healthy competition.

For more information about the numerous athletic offerings, please visit athletics.

World Languages

The Pope Francis Preparatory School World Language department applies both the Massachusetts framework standards and the national standards developed by ACTFL, the American Council of Teaching of Foreign Languages. This framework affirms the belief that students graduating from high school should be able to read, write, and converse in a second language in order to participate in the multilingual, multicultural interdependent communities of the twenty-first century.