Summer Program




Our summer program is back! Summer at Pope Francis Prep is fun, challenging, and designed for students entering grades 6-9. Morning and afternoon sessions will allow students to experience exciting and creative endeavors while being introduced to a variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) focused sessions, plus additional sessions in fitness, cooking, and more! We invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities available at our beautiful, state-of-the-art campus. Sessions are instructed by PFPS faculty as well as faculty from local area schools.


  • After March 18: $250.00 per week (includes 1 morning and 1 afternoon session of your choice); tuition for half day is $195 (1 session, either morning or afternoon). 
  • Programs run from 8:15am – 3:00pm for the full day option.
  • Open to the public – all students entering grades 6 through 9 are welcome to attend! 
  • All participants will receive a summer T-Shirt and water bottle.
  • Pizza lunch is provided on Fridays for full-day students.
  • Cancellation by participants can be made until May 31, 2024 with a full refund. Cancellations made after May 31, 2024 will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Pope Francis Prep reserves the right to cancel any of the sessions if minimum enrollment is not achieved.
  • Participants will be notified by June 1, 2024 if a session is canceled and a full refund will be issued.


Closed Sessions (full)

Week 1: All sessions

Week 2: Weird Science, Learn to Cook, Incredible Clay Class, Magic of Watercolors 


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Week 1: June 24-28 Sessions & Descriptions (registration closed)



This IS Rocket Science! (12 student max)

Blast off into the high-flying world of model rocketry! Participants will experiment with building and launching rockets at three levels of increasing difficulty over the course of the week. Students enrolling will need to be aware that they will be responsible for working with x-acto hobby knives, superglue and spray paint. Note: this session is only open to students entering grades 7+.

Instructor: Mr. Bob Brodeur 



The Theatre Experience (Session Closed) 

This session will focus on basic theater training; students will learn basic acting skills, set design, costumes, lighting, sound design and prop design. Students will gain a greater appreciation of live theater and the arts by promoting valuable life lessons such as confidence, collaboration, and communication skills. The week will conclude with a short performance by the participants. All in our very own state-of-the-art theatre!

Instructor: Mr. John Anziano




Outdoor Adventure (Session Closed)

Spend time in our great New England outdoors enjoying all that nature has to offer. Our focus will be on how we live, work, play and enjoy our role in nature and the great outdoors. We will work in an established garden, have fresh vegetable snacks and look at the ongoing sustainability of a garden in New England as we move from the temperate June to our dry hot July. We will enjoy fishing and hikes with plant and animal identification scavenger hunts to get familiar with our diverse wildlife and fauna in Springfield. We will even enjoy some time in our watershed area with a rope bridge demonstration.

Instructor: Mr. Scott O’Neill



Exploring Science through Art

Join us this summer for an exciting and unique exploration of the intersection between science and art. In this course, students will delve into the fascinating realms of scientific inquiry while expressing their creativity through various art forms. The curriculum is designed to integrate scientific principles with artistic techniques, fostering a deeper understanding of both disciplines. Open to students of all backgrounds, including those with a keen interest in science, art, or both. Whether you’re a budding scientist, aspiring artist, or someone who loves to explore the beauty of the natural world, this course offers a unique and enriching experience.

Embark on a journey of discovery where science and art converge, creating a vibrant and dynamic learning experience.

Instructor: Mrs. Lora Perez


Afternoon sessions

This IS Rocket Science! (12 student max)

Blast off into the high-flying world of model rocketry! Participants will experiment with building and launching rockets at three levels of increasing difficulty over the course of the week. Students enrolling will need to be aware that they will be responsible for working with x-acto hobby knives, superglue and spray paint. Note: this session is only open to students entering grades 7+.

Instructor: Mr. Brian Zimowski



Musical Theater (Session Closed)

Put together a scene from a musical!  We’ll go through the process of casting, learning music and lines, choreography, staging, and performing a section of a musical you will love!  Bring your enthusiasm and creativity and build a lifelong memory!  

Instructor: Mrs. Sarah Campbell




The art and sport of fencing is everywhere but how often do you have the chance to face down a knight or engage Darth Vader? Now is your chance! Come and experience the art of modern, historical and even fantasy fencing. Learn skills, have fun and defeat evil all while having a great time. Students will learn the basics of the foil and the court sword of Renaissance Europe and we will culminate the week with the chance to defeat Vader.

Instructor: Mr. Scott O’Neill



Climate Crusaders 

This hands-on, inquiry-based program will cover the science of climate change. We will discover how carbon dioxide interacts with infrared light, how climate modeling works, how oceans are transforming, and more.  Get a firm grasp on the scope of climate change, what is being done to slow it down, and leave empowered with a sense of how you too can make a difference!

Instructor: Mrs. Nicole Woltschlaeger


Week 2: July 8-12 Sessions & Descriptions



The Magic of Watercolor (Session Closed)

Everyone has an inner artist they can call upon to express their creativity. This fun interactive session is perfect to learn and explore using watercolor pencils. Participants will practice techniques, color mixing and tricks to create unique paintings of still lifes, abstracts or landscapes. 

Instructor: Mrs. Mary Wroblewski



Cardinal Crazies 

You name it, we play it! For all you crazy Cardinals that need to keep moving… come play cornhole, wiffleball, volleyball, relay races, group games, team sports, and more.

Instructor: Ms. Catie Wielock



Chorus Experience

Love to sing? This session will give participants the opportunity to use and develop their voice. They will learn to read and follow chorus/choir music, sing together with melody and harmony, and create some fun music.

Instructor: Mrs. Sarah Campbell



Weird Science (Session Closed)

What might happen when you mix oil and water?  Are you curious about how a volcano works or want to learn more about making ice cream in a bag? Join us this summer for some exciting science experiments!  Students will make slime and oobleck, learn about what makes an egg float, and color some flowers with the power of osmosis. We will also make a volcano, rock candy, and a lava lamp!

We have an exciting and weird week of scientific fun!  

Instructor:  Mrs. Tracy Bauduccio


Afternoon sessions

The Incredible Clay Class (Session Closed)

Participants will create a variety of sculpted masterpieces using air dry and polymer clay. Students will learn to use slab, pinch and coil techniques then embellish their work with paint and other materials. 

Instructor: Mrs. Mary Wroblewski




Sporty Cardinals

Practice up on your team sport skills. We will be going over basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, soccer and more! Get refreshed over the summer before going back to school. 

Instructor: Ms. Catie Wielock



Learn to Cook! (Session Closed)

Teaching kids and teens how to cook helps inspire confident and creative cooks, healthier meals, and fun in the kitchen. Expand your culinary horizons and learn to cook and prepare some of your favorite treats and meals. Research shows that learning to cook enables students to learn from their mistakes and accept failure as part of the learning process and helps reinforce math and problem solving skills. Learning to cook is also an essential life skill; no more waiting for Mom or Dad to make you dinner, you can cook for them! We will begin with the basics and prepare homemade treats and a final dinner at the end of the week. Come join us for a week filled with creativity, innovation and of course delicious food!

Instructor: Ms. Carrie Al-Rekabi




Instrumental Experience

Do you play an instrument, or have an interest in trying? Bring your instrument (if you have one), or just yourself, and learn about many different instruments, (woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion) how they work and how they sound. We’ll play together with some of the high school musicians, and put together some fun music to perform on Friday! Whether you are brand new to it or have been playing for a while, you will make great music and have fun doing it!

Instructor: Mrs. Sarah Campbell