Academics Welcome

Academic Excellence

From the first day as a Pope Francis Prep student, our academic foundation is centered on an integrated, four-year program of study designed to provide not only the most exacting requirements for entrance to colleges and universities across the globe, but as preparation for valuable experiences in growth – intellectual, physical, moral, and most importantly, spiritual. 


We offer a comprehensive curriculum within three instructional levels based on student ability and achievement: College Prep, Advanced Placement and Honors courses as well as a robust selection of rigorous courses and electives that follow the STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math) program. And for Virtual School options and Dual Degree opportunity with Elms College. Students that choose to enroll in the dual degree program have the opportunity to earn up to 12 college credits while still in high school! Classes approved for this program run in the late afternoon or early evening and are very affordable. 


For students seeking an advanced level of focused direction, we offer the PF Pathways Program – where a student’s interests, values, or passions can be explored more deeply through studies within a selected Pathway. A great opportunity for starting to explore a college major! But the true college preparation begins long before testing and college searches. 


Academically, Pope Francis Prep graduates go beyond simply mastering a subject and completing the coursework: they are problem solvers, self-motivated explorers, and curious thinkers.


High Quality Instruction – Our exceptional faculty combine the academic credentials and practical experience to deliver an outstanding education. This commitment to academic excellence is the key component of the Pope Francis Preparatory School mission to challenge students to become critical thinkers and faith-based leaders. 


Small Classes, Big Thinking – One of the top reasons why parents consider a private high school is for the opportunity of small class size. At Pope Francis Prep, we boast a student: faculty ratio of 10:1, with class sizes averaging 18 students, therefore allowing our teachers the time to be available to our students before and after school. Big thoughts always fit in a small class! 


Focus on Philosophy – Like most private schools, we do not have to teach to a standardized test, and as a result we can focus on teaching students “how” to think, instead of “what” to think. At Pope Francis Prep, we take it a step further by changing the dynamic of learning inside our classrooms. Our teachers facilitate dialogue, encouraging students to ask “how” or “why”, and then model using critical thinking skills, creativity, and teamwork to problem-solve.


The Learning Commons – The heart of our school! Purposefully situated as a centralized area throughout the two upper floors. It provides many flexible academic areas for study, presentations, group collaboration, tutoring, meetings and gallery walks. Pope Francis Prep students are able to meet one another in the Learning Commons between classes, during study periods, and after school. Surrounded by a variety of flexible display space, the Learning Commons is ideal for showcasing student work from different disciplines; serving as an event space for student clubs and activities; and for communicating exciting messages to one another!