“Each generation of young people should be to the world like a vast reserve force to a tired army. They should lift the world forward.”

– Charlotte Perkins Gilman


Pope Francis students of all faith traditions are called to live and act in ways that benefit others as well as themselves. The academic and faith teachings at Pope Francis manifest themselves in each student through community service. Students are expected to put their faith into action and further their Gospel teachings; their futures are shaped through their service to others. By giving of themselves to their communities, students are able to become teachers, leaders and healers; interacting with both the people receiving services and the people whose life work is dedicated to helping those in need. There are numerous opportunities for service locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The possibilities for helping others are endless.

Our Community Service program seeks to encourage students to put their Catholic faith into action and be spiritually transformed through their service to those in need within their own communities. Students have much flexibility in the choice of their assignments and they are encouraged to find a service activity in which they are passionate. Generally, students will find such opportunities in their parishes, nursing homes, hospitals, food pantries, and soup kitchens. The possibilities for meaningful service are endless!


The number of hours students are required to serve varies by grade level:


Freshmen: twelve(12) hours

Sophomores: twelve (12) hours

Juniors: eighteen (18) hours

Seniors: twenty-four (24) hours


All students use an online volunteer tracking site to keep careful track of their service hours.  At least half of their theology service hours will be spent off-campus and will support one or more of the 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching.


Completion of all service hours is a graduation requirement.