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QuestBridge Match

December 8, 2023

The National College Match through QuestBridge is a rigorous college admission and scholarship process through which high-achieving students can be admitted early with full four-year scholarships to QuestBridge college partners. 50 of the most selective colleges and universities are college partners.

This full scholarship covers tuition and fees, housing and food, books and supplies, and travel expenses. There is no parental contribution and no loans.

In 2023, there were 20,800 applicants with 6,683 becoming finalists. Once students become finalists they rank their top colleges. If the colleges they ranked also rank the applicant in their top group, it is a match. This year 2,242 students were matched.

We are thrilled to announce one of our own seniors, Stephanie Cesar has matched to attend the College of the Holy Cross.

Congratulations, Stephanie!